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Ambarosia Blue  - Three Singles: Dizzy, Valentine's Day, & Possibility (2023)  


Credit: Songwriter / Composer, Engineer, Producer, Mixer, & Mastered

Fix'n Dixin - Game Jam (2022)

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Credit: Composer

Space Janitor - Game Jam (2022)

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Credit: Composer

DEEP TIME  - VVD Wndws (2021)  Bandcamp

Credit: Horn Arrangements on 'Appliances'

New Landscape: Peter Lightning Remix - VVD Wndws (2019) Spotify  iTunes

Credit: Produced remixes of VVD Wndws Blue Landscape EP

Wendigo Original Soundtrack - Peter Lightning (2019)  Spotify

Credit: Composer, Producer, & Engineer

Mosaic - Peter Lightning (2018)  Spotify  iTunes

Credit: Composer. Producer, Engineer

"Blue Stone" - Piece for Piano and Voice (2018) Watch on Youtube

Credit: Composer

Happy Ending - with Wax Idols (2018) Spotify  iTunes

Credit: Composer, Producer, Guitar, Piano, Drums, & Bass

"Deborah (Peter Remix)" - as Wax Idols (2017) Listen on Youtube

Credit: Producer

“Everybody Gets What They Want"- with Wax Idols (2016) Listen on Youtube

Credit: Composer, Producer, Guitar, Drums, & Bass

Paper Money EP - with Whisper (2016) Spotify  iTunes

            Credit: Composer, Producer, Engineer, Vocals, & Drums

Night Carousel - Sacren (2016) Bandcamp

Credit: Guitar

Asleep in the Ice Palace - with Some Ember (2013) Spotify  iTunes

Credit: Guitar

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